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Bronze drawer pulls – Cherry wood knobs in mushroom shape are authentic for cherry shaker cabinets. Fine grain and cherry wood color development were appreciate by the shaker cabinets well. And the economical and practical choice for drawer knobs. And pulls were leftover chunks of wood. The classic mushroom design can be purchase as unfinished hardware reproduction. And is seal or stain to match the cabinets.

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Ideally, cherry wood cabinets bronze drawer pulls can soften with a deep reddish hue as they age from sunlight. So treat the controls as you treat your wooden cabinets so that everything stays the same color. Cherry wood knobs come with dowels instead of hardware for those who want to attach the controls to cabinets like original Shaker carpentry.

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Bronze Drawer PullsSize: 990 x 742

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Vary the look with the top finger-cabinet bronze drawer pulls, curved open, commas that allow you to hook the door with a single finger when you’re in the midst of kneading a bread loaf. Then use traditional rectangular bin strips for cabinets and lower drawers for you to have more purchase. Iron retention knobs, or shooters, appear to have come from the village’s blacksmith shop and are complement by two painted and stain wood shaker styles.

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