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Commercial stainless steel sink – Stainless gratings need proper cleaning to protect the surface. The daily use of commercial roast of the restaurants requires that you clean them frequently to protect the stainless steel surface. You can clean the grill with items stored in your pantry instead of buying commercial products. When you notice a spill or stain on the grill, remove it as soon as possible to prevent it becoming more difficult to remove later.

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Fill a large container with 1 quart warm water and 3 drops of liquid detergent. Soak a wash cloth or nonabrasive sponge with the solution. Wring out excess liquid and wipe down the commercial stainless steel sink grill. Remove all grease and dirt. Scraping burnt food and grease with a plastic paint scraper. Wipe off debris from the grill.

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Remove stubborn stains with an equal mixture of baking soda and vinegar or water. Apply the paste on the stain and use a soft-bristled brush to work it into the stain. Then, let the paste sit for 15 minutes, then wipe with a clean washcloth. Also dry commercial stainless steel sink grill with a towel. Never use abrasive tools such as steel wool to clean your sink. Not only can Abrasives scratch the surface, but the steel wool can tear apart, leaving small pieces embedded in your sink that can lead to rust.

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