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How To Clean A Metal Shower Corner Caddy – A metal shower caddy, you can save your shampoo, conditioner and soap also other items in the shower without forcing you to bend toward the ground or stepping out of the shower to use them. But rust can fingerprint and other particles appear on these caddies due to daily use. While a dirty shower caddy may seem like something more than a minor inconvenience, the particles can be found on the transfer to and stain records rests in the caddy. Fortunately, a home-made solution used to accurately remove these particles and odor available on the caddy.

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To clean a metal shower corner caddy you will need; Bath tub or sink, Baking Soda, white vinegar, water and Sponge. Remove any soap, shampoo and other items from metal shower caddy. Place the shower caddy in a clean, empty, stopper tub or sink. Pour ½ cup baking soda and about two to three cups of vinegar in the tub or sink.

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Fill the sink or tub with enough water to shower corner caddy is submerge. Soak caddy in water and vinegar also baking soda solution for about 30 minutes. Remove the caddy from the solution and dipping the sponge in the solution to saturate it. Wipe caddy sure the sponge to remove any remaining dirt particles and rinse in clean hot water caddy dry thoroughly with a soft cloth to prevent the development of rust.

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