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Copper bird feeder – If you have copper elements in your house that you want to clean. And then return them to their original state because over time and use. If it is a functional element, has become opaque and stain. Learn how to clean copper easily. Although perhaps looking at the object to clean seems a little difficult. And you think it will take a long time to work.  With this guide how to clean copper you will learn how to make these elements look like new. With a quick and simple job and using only products that you are sure to have in your house.

Posted on December 7, 2017 Hardware

The first thing you will do will be to remove all the dust that is on the copper bird feeder surface. Maybe you can do it with a damp cloth or using a feather duster. It does not matter if this does not remove the stains since then we will work on them. Sometimes a cloth damp with vinegar is sufficient to clean the copper. So if it is not too dirty or stain. You can try with this simple technique that will surely give us very good results.

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In case the stains are more rebellious, then you will mix the vinegar with the salt, thus you will form an ideal paste for the cleaning of this copper bird feeder.  You will have to apply it on the whole surface of copper and we will take it to boil in a pan with water. After a period of time, you can remove it from the fire with great care not to burn and place it under the tap of cold water.  Now you can clean the stain using a sponge and we sure will remove any stain thoroughly.

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