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Freestanding tub faucets – Taking into account that bathroom we use daily. If taps are not practical or comfortable can become a problem. That is why choosing lavatory faucet is important. And not just because of aesthetic aspect. If we are going to change faucet of sink first it is advisable that we evaluate type of faucet most suitable to our need and space.

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Freestanding tub faucets monomando: mechanism of operation is give by a lever locate at top of faucet. With it tap is open and close and flow rate. And also water temperature are control. In this type of faucets hot and cold water is mix in internal cartridge before reaching pipe. It is necessary to take into account when choosing this type of faucet that counts on ceramic discs with a wide opening angle.

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Electronic faucets: There are two different types: mixers with infrared system, which detect user through a sensor and those that require user to start mechanism of action.  Single water taps: they are use a lot to combine with traditional wash basins. Two totally independent freestanding tub faucets are install, one for cold water and one for hot water. Monoblock fittings: need a single cavity in ceramic for installation. They have fully independent opening and control systems for hot and cold water.