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Kitchen sink stopper – When you install new bathroom fixtures or upgrade old, the last thing you want to do is plug in a sink stopper. The stopper is the part of the drain assembly that holds the water in the wash basin. A device called the drain puller sitting in the faucet assembly on top of the sink. The drain puller is connected to the drain lever under the sink. Pulling up on the trigger causes the drain outlet handle to move downward, which allows the sink stopper to fall and seal the wash.

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Set the kitchen sink stopper arm into the straight tube, or tail, which is just below the drain. The majority of the levers have a ball type joint that fits into the rear of the tail access hole. Push the clutch over the handle and tighten it by hand, so it keeps the ball joint in place. Insert the drain puller into the faucet assembly. Let it slide down through the hole so that it meets the drain lever under the sink. And then set the sink stopper in the drain.

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Determine the hole on the drain handle is best suited for your drain puller. The back of the drain handle will contain a number of holes evenly spaced apart. Put the trigger into a hole on the drain handle. Then hold it in place with your hand. Lift drain puller with the other hand and observe how the drain moves up and down. Move the trigger to another hole if the drain is not open or close properly. Lift the drain puller to remove it from the drain handle. Then run the faucet and test prop. Lift puller up and down to ensure that the kitchen sink stopper is functioning properly.

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