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60 Inch Single Sink Vanity – A simple solution for mixing your bathroom with the rest of your home is to build on an antique commode with modern plumbing fixtures. If you love single sink vanity for the rustic decorating. Have a home full of antiques and modern sanitary ware stick out like a sore thumb. These instructions assume your sink area has an existing water supply and sewerage installed.

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Things you need:

To convert for your bathroom with size 60 inch single sink vanity. Measuring tape, drilling machine, jigsaw and leaf. fine sandpaper, screws, polyurethane wood sealer, disposable brush and pencil. Measuring the width and depth of the space where the sink will be installed to ensure that your vanity suit. Remove the drawers and set aside. Most vanities have one or two cases of a single or pair of doors. Check to see that the water supply and drain pipes come from the floor or wall. If they come off the floor, an opening must be cut in the bottom of the basin. If coming from the wall, the opening will have to be cut in the back of the sink to accommodate the pipes.

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Choose a 60 inch single sink vanity that accommodates faucets and handles drilling additional holes in the vanity top. Alter the basin will reduce its antique value, but the finished vanity can improve the value of your home. When working with polyurethane, follow the instructions on the label work in a well ventilated area.

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