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Hand held shower holder – Rests in a holder on the shower arm, a hand-held shower head connects to the water with a long tube that allows users to remove the head from the mount and hold it, directing the water flow more efficiently. Handheld heads are useful for people with disabilities or to simply adapt a shower.

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Convert a hand held shower holder to head shower, remove the shower hose from the fitting on the shower arm to disconnect the handheld shower head. Screw the bracket from the shower arm, turning counterclockwise. If mount is too tight to remove by hand, wrap it in a cloth and use a wrench. Screw the shower arm from the wall. Use cloth and wrench, if you can loosen it by hand. Remove the mounting plate and any gaskets under the plate. Select a new shower arm that is suitable for overhead shower head installing. If the shower head is 7 inches in diameter or less, preferably the shower arm is adequate. For larger heads, choose an arm angles up instead of down.

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After that to convert a hand held shower holder to head shower, install the new shower arm according to manufacturer’s instructions. This will usually involve screw shower arm in the water supply pipe until tight, then threading the mounting plate over the arm. Some shower arms require the mounting plate to be in place before you turn on the shower arm. Turn fully clockwise to tighten. Wrap the threaded end of the shower arm in Teflon tape. Screw overhead shower head at the end of the shower arm, the Teflon tape.

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