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Cool door knobs – Some doors have locks made up of knobs with which a pin is actuate. Knobs of old models have a small screw on neck that secures them to end of a square shaft. In event that knob comes off, screw is probably loose and also missing; Tighten or replace. If shaft is worn and screw does not seat, give knob a quarter turn and try  to place screw at that point. It may be necessary to do same with knob on other side to maintain proper tension.

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At other edges cool door knobs are screw onto shaft. If thread has worn, wrap it with a small piece of plastic tape. If it does not solve problem replace axis. Choose knob lock that best suits you and install it following manufacturer’s instructions; door holes are make in same way as to install a sleeping lock. And then in case of room doors, install on inside side knobs with lock, and on outside knobs with groove. When lock is depresses, slot allows opening door by inserting any key and turning it.

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For interior doors you can use simple, unlocked and unlocked locks. If it is a door that opens to outside, you can use a lock that locks in one of knobs and has a lock in other. Cool door knobs and rosette on outer side are remove by tightening a conceal spring by two holes, but complete lock can only be remove from inside, making it very safe.

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