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Copper apron sink is a trend in kitchen sinks. Copper sinks offer a farmhouse look to a kitchen. Although there are many benefits to installing a copper sink, not all aspects of owning one are favorable. Copper sinks have several disadvantages which may deter some people from installing one. One of the main disadvantages of copper sinks is the price. Copper is an expensive material, and because of this, copper sinks are expensive. A quality copper sink contains 99.9 percent copper. Sinks which contains a lower proportion of copper is not the quality of a nearly 100 percent copper sink. However, the high concentration of copper pushes up the price on the counter.

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Copper apron sink also require more maintenance than stainless steel or ceramic sinks. Copper sinks becomes boring with continue use. And finally become a shade of green for several years, just like an old penny. To prevent this, some manufacturers place a coating over the surface of the copper. However, this coating wears with time. A wax coating is sometimes use, which will have to be apply at least once a week. Prevent discoloration sink requires daily drying and polishing with copper polish.

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Some copper apron sink, especially those made in other countries, may contain levels of lead and mercury. These toxic metals are mixed in with the copper usually when recycled copper is used, such as copper from old phone lines.  The cheaper the sink, the more likely it is to contain other metals. Prior to the purchase, request a certified list of the metals copper sink contains.

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