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Copper vessel is an attractive addition to your kitchen, but with age and use may be dull and matte. With proper care and cleaning, the copper vessels retain their luster for years. A paste of lemon juice, salt and tomato paste can be used to clean old copper vessels and restore their luster. Work with soft rags and towels for cleaning a copper finish and avoid using materials that are corrosive or may leave scratches.

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Stir 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup salt and 1/4 cup tomato paste in a bowl to form a paste. Apply the mixture of lemon juice, salt, and tomato paste to soft cleaning and rub the mixture over the pan in a circular motion to remove tarnish. Rinse the pan in the basin with water and dry thoroughly. Buff pan with soft cloth rub hard in circular motion. Rinse the pan in hot water and dry thoroughly. Repeat cleaning when necessary.

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Check the cleaning instructions when you buy the vessels of brass certain boilers are manufactured with an adhesive coating and only require cleaning with detergent and water to keep them shiny. To clean copper vessels can be quite tricky, and anyone wanting to ignore the whole thing. Sometimes, ketchup, lemons, and traditional copper-cleaners solve the problem. But not always.