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Corner shower stalls is a new concept in the bathroom door. An ordinary shower enclosure has doors that rise parallel to the rear wall of the bathroom. Version neo angle ride parallel to the angle and intended mainly for corner shower stall. Type of enclosure is contemporary yet modern style enclosure that can bring new life to your old bathroom.

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Corner shower stalls comes in a variety of styles such as frame and frameless that gives them a modern look bigger. It can be use as a free stand kiosk or as an enclosure for the exist tub. Some use this style door in lieu of their old enclosure. It is not worth it if your old cage is square because the unit is generally round or at least curve.

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You need to substitute the door of the same style as the old one to ensure a better fit. The price for a new home a little more than a replacement for the door. Of course the price depends primarily on the style, design and manufacturer of shower door neo angle and size as well. Corner shower stalls comes in a framed or frameless doors. Framed door, of course, has a frame around the glass where frameless glass has rounded edged with a magnetic strip that is used to close the doors closed.