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Corner tub dimensions give one bathroom more floor space. The dimensions of a corner bath are generally larger than standard rooms. The corner bath length and width are often the same measurement, ranging between 4 and 6 meters long and wide. A corner tub dimensions surface is also useful for positioning accessories, such as flowers and soaps.

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The corner tub dimensions are the height, width and length. The width and length are often the same or near the same. Small corner tub is 48 inches wide by 48 inches long and 19 or 20 inches tall. Corner bath with these dimensions occupies one or two people. Large corner bath is the width and length dimensions of up to 72 inches, while their height dimensions are 19 or 20 inches. These corner baths seat 2-4 people.

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Available space

When installing a corner tub dimensions, consider the space available in your bathroom. Corner bathtubs allow more space in the bathroom than do standard tub, according to Home Depot. Also, corner bath create more options for plumbing because most models have two drains, one on each end of the tub. But the smallest corner tub is 48 inches wide and long, so a bathroom must have enough area to accommodate pods of at least 48 inches.

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