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Air return vents – A forced-air heating system works by drawing in cool air, drums heat, then squeezed through the air to the rooms of a home heating them with hot air. To balance the air pressure and deliver cold air to heat, a forced system generally uses cold air return vents or air ducts with open valves to draw air from the room. Almost all rooms should have, with the exception of places like the bathroom.

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Determine the location on major air return duct leading to the furnace where the cold air return will be attached. Draw a template on the air return duct by placing duct connected to metal casing and drawing around its perimeter with a marker or pencil. Wearing leather gloves, punch a small hole in the middle of the area you’ve drawn your channel connector. Using tin snips, cut away the opening you have selected for the channel connector. Place the channel plug into the opening to be sure you have made it big enough.

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Return Air Vent BathroomSize: 1000 x 1000

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Run your flexible duct to the place where your cold air return will be final. Generally, a valve that is larger than the heating valve, a low position on a wall opposite from where the heating valves are disposed, and a cold air return found. Place the drum vent into place and secure it with the galvanized screws. Attach flexible duct work and secure the valve with screws. Attach the flexible duct to the contact you have already connected to the furnace main air return vents. Secure with galvanized screws

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