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Mudroom hooks help keep dirt and debris out of the house. A designated room is not necessary. An area in the laundry room or a corner of the garage is all you need to keep shoes, umbrellas, coats and sports equipment organized, out of the way and ready to take on the way out the door. With some shelves, hooks or pegs and a few baskets, you can create a mudroom that will simplify your life.  Choose an area in your home or garage with a hard floor that can withstand moisture, mud and dirt. Choose an area near a sink, if possible, so that the dirty shoes and equipment can be washed off before storing.

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Then, place shelves or shoe racks on the lower third of the wall for shoe storage. Provide enough space for everyone in the household to neatly store their shoes. And then, make sure the air will circulate around the wet shoes. Hang shelves on the wall above the shoe rack for storing seasonal items like caps, hats, mittens and gloves. Give a woven basket or mesh tray for each person in the home to keep their gloves and other items together.

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Hang mudroom hooks or pegs on the wall of scarves, jackets, caps and keys. Then, hang lightweight jackets and caps directly on the pins. Also use hangers hung on hooks for heavier winter coats. And then install hooks or pegs far enough apart to allow air to circulate around the wet clothes. Position hooks or pegs higher for adults and lower on the wall for children.

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