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Rectangular planters – Depending on the type of traditional rectangle plants, it may be necessary preparation before use. If the plants are made of brass or wood, the need for a liner to protect the material. Using a sheet of plastic or placing a simple plastic container inside the drill. Check Planter’s bottom for drainage holes, which allows excess water to flow out of the container.

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If there are no holes, three or four punch with a hammer and nails. Put a tray under the planter to catch the drained water. Before addition plants, ensuring good drainage by adding a layer of small stones or sand to the bottom of the container. Add potting soil and plants as if you are planting in the ground. Some rectangular planters are large enough to stand on their own on your porch, patio or garden. Gardeners often put small planters on the porch railing dressing up the fronts of their homes.

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If you receive a lot of wind, anchor the planter to the railing. Show your rectangular planters in front porch hanging from hooks. An ideal place for an herb garden planter is off the kitchen door or hanging outside the kitchen window. Placing planters along the terrace edge helps tie a hard cape design with your soft cape elements. When the weather chills, bringing the outdoor planters inside.

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