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Curtain holder is both practical and decorative, and they range from the ornate to the simple. Curtain holders in brass, pewter, whimsical shapes and even plain wooden discs. No matter what your style, curtain holders, you can open and close your curtains without the need to establish or adjust them more than necessary. Hanging curtain holders is an easy task that you can perform yourself.

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Measure where you want to place your curtain holder, with regard to the length and width of the shape curtain holder. Mark the location on the outside of the window frame or near the window if there is no frame. You will have a curtain holder on each side of the window. If you have a hook-shaped holder, the traditional hooks for holders pointing from the window.

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If you have curtain holders who have a record behind decorative holder, there is no left or right holder. The curtain will simply be placed alongside the owner’s mail. Place a drywall anchor on top of the pencil marks and screw the anchor into the drywall with a screwdriver. Vacuum plaster chips from the carpet and wall.

Screw curtain holder in plaster. There are two types of curtain holders: those having a screw built into the underside of post holder curtain, and which has cut out holes in which a screw is screwed through the hole and cut into the plaster anchor. Place the curtain panel’s suitable curtain holder. Panel curtain goes left beside or in the left panel curtain holder and right curtain goes into or next to the correct curtain holder.

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