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Curved curtain rods are suitable for both rectangular and oval-shaped pods. Different types of shower rod, rolling shower curtain rods, 5 “and 6” shower rods with brushed nickel finish. Rolling shower rods have ball bearings which help in opening and closing the curtains with a slight tug. Curved curtain rods create the feeling of open space in your bathroom.

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Abandoned or curved curtain rod

Straighten any bends with his hands as straight and smooth as possible. Adjust the broken ends of the damaged portion of the metal curtain rod. Place a 1-inch long piece of white electrical tape horizontally under the break on the curtain rod to secure the edges together flat front. Wrap-sided, industrial strength tape around the length of a dull dinner knife blade, also called a butter knife.

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Cheap dinner knives can be purchased individually in dollars, discount and department stores. Thinner and flatter the blade, the better the fit. Use a piece of metal knife, not a knife with an attached handle. For dinner knife hollow of metal curtain rod behind the break. Linda section firmly with white tape, securing dinner knife behind the break in the curtain rod.

For curved curtain rods sections together. If the tape makes it difficult to Push rod in the second section, insert the needle-nose pliers in the recess behind the larger section rod, open exert pressure and stretching pliers to widen the rod slightly. Insert section in the majority.

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