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Copper tubs – Copper claw foot tub is a beautiful addition to a Victorian style master bathroom. This unique bath is an updated version of the older porcelain styles; the surface of these tubs is designed and ready to copper retains its fiery metallic color. And decorate around these tubs can be fun. And then choose a floor covering such as slate that has multi-color elements in a substantial stone style. Then many shale types have copper color running through them. And then the slightly uneven surface of the rocks adds a natural texture that goes well with metal.

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Decorate around a copper tubs, paint the walls and ceiling of the bathroom in a soft neutral which complements the copper but allows the tub to be in focus. And then select elevated towel and plant stands. Claw foot tub is naturally high and using standalone elements, the area can decorate bathtub easier. And positions fern-type plants at more than one level above the edge of the bathtub to add height. As an alternative, the plant stands can hold candles and bath accessories.

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As a result, arrange decoratively neutral quality white towels immediately next to the bathtub. This can create a spa-like experience and put towels in the proper reach of the bathtub user. Then install copper finish curtain rods, chandeliers and decorative elements for repeating metal finish in more than one part of the room. Then keep in mind that these elements should be minimal; do not feel that you need copper faucets and sinks because they can actually detract from the impact of copper tubs.

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