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Decorative shower curtain hooks are often ornate and can be effective for safely suspend stationary curtains or drapes. Typical shower curtain hooks do not surround the shower rod or holes or grommets in the top of the shower curtain. The hooks can fall off of the stick with the frequent movement of daily use, or curtain can fall off of the hooks.

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Locking shower curtain rings

Locking shower curtain rings, once installed, stay in place until you remove them. They are usually made of plastic or metal. The ring is opened and passed through holes or grommets in the top of the decorative shower curtain hooks. The open ring is then placed over the suspension rod and locked to keep closed. By encircling both the rod and the holes in the curtain, giving locking rings safe installation of shower curtain.

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Curtain clips

Curtain clip can be made of plastic, metal or wood. They are constructed by attaching a metal clip to the ring that is threaded on the shower-curtain rod. The curtain is installed by attaching clips to the top of the curtain, then sliding rings on a curtain rod and then hanging curtain rod. Curtain clip is easy to install on a removable tension rod, but not a rod that is installed by screwing the mounting brackets on the wall. Curtain clip is reliable for hanging fabric curtains and decorative shower curtain hooks can be plastic or vinyl shower curtains to be too soft for safe installation.

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