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DIY Concrete Rectangular Planter – A homemade flower planter is an inexpensive and creative way to Pine View or trailing flowers and plants in and around your house. Although commercially available flower planters are available in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and designs. Which can make them yourself you can customize the planter to your preference and save money in the long run. Do rectangular or square wood or concrete pots to add to the rustic charm of the place while containing plants.

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To build concrete rectangular planter the first make one large and one small rectangular plywood form with concrete poured in between. A single form is made up of five pieces – two same size long walls, two same size short walls. And a base as wide as the stops but equal in length with the two bits longer. Keep the exterior shape 2 inches larger than the overall internal shape. Cut lengths of plywood with a hand saw. Apply a bead of wood glue on the sides of each base board and go with two long and two short lengths, forming a lidless box. Insert the small (inner) form or mold in the large (outer). Drill a 1-inch hole through both bases to provide drainage.

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White Rectangular PlanterSize: 1181 x 1181

Image Rectangular PlanterSize: 1181 x 1181

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Spray cooking oil over the base and sides of the small form to build concrete rectangular planter. Put the plastic drain pipe inside the drain hole in great shape before pouring 2 inches of concrete over its base. Pour the concrete between small and large until 2 inches below the edge of the small. Leave the concrete to cure for 24 hours. Pull the drain tube from the hardened concrete. Tilt the forms and pack the base of the large concrete planter that slides out. Slide the small form too.

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