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Floor vent covers add finishing touch to vent holes in the floor. Resellers offer covers in a variety of designs and materials, but you can create one if you want to avoid paying for a commercial version. Make your own ventilation hatch gives you some creative freedom with the design. You can add a decorative touch with intricate and unusual patterns. The process of creating a floor vent cover requires the use of some supplies and tools that are available from a hardware store.

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Making floor vent covers, measure the length and width of the grid and add ½ inch to each measurement. Cut a flat piece of wood to these dimensions. Draw a design for the valve cover hole in a sheet of paper. Keep the design as simple as possible to simplify the process of cutting it out of the wood. For example, your pattern consists of horizontal lines or square holes

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As a result, lay a piece of transfer paper on the wood surface and place the paper with the pattern on the top. Trace along the outlines of the floor vent covers design with a sharp pencil to transfer the pattern to the wood. Attach the piece of wood to your workspace with two clamps to hold it steady while you cut. And also assemble the puzzle with a suitable blade for your pattern. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Cut along the outline of the pattern with a jigsaw. Use a chisel to carve out some small areas that puzzle could not cut. Finally, apply wood glue to one edge of a strip of wood. Place the strip on the inside edge of the pencil line

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