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Lighted mirror vanity – If you’ve always wanted a lighted vanity, it’s pretty easy to make one. I pulled together a few points to make. I love my lighted vanity and could not live without it. You will need: A desk or small vanity table type, a bathroom lamp, lighted closet, Screws Screw Gun.

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How to diy lighted mirror vanity? First, you need a desk or vanity type table to start with. So go to your local Home Depot, Lowes or other bathroom fixture type store. Look for a light fixture to put over the desk / vanity. I used an actual bathroom cabinet with lights attached to give me some cabinet space for makeup and other items. Then make sure that the wood color matches your desk / vanity. A variation could be to buy a mirror. And then bathroom light strips and place light strip of a mirror over the desk / vanity.

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Lighted Mirror VanitySize: 997 x 761

Next, open the doors of your closet with light and screw it to the top of your desk / vanity with screws and a screwdriver (make your screws will be long enough). Screw the cabinet on so far back on the desk / vanity as possible. This will be sitting against a wall. If you use a mirror and light strips, you screw them to the wall above where your desk / vanity sit.  Finally, I added a Power Strip next to my Illuminated Vanity giving me places to plug my blow dryer, curling iron, and so on. Well, I hope you like your new lighted mirror vanity and you will see how useful it is, when getting ready in the morning. I love mine.

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