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Firewood holder  – Firewood rack store split firewood for easy access. They can store up to a quarter truck with split wood. Wood holders are oft make of wood, but you can make them with metal too. Build a simple wooden base that holds metal is a very quick and simple solution to build a firewood holder.

Posted on July 29, 2017 Hardware

To build an metal firewood holder, first you need to lay 2:51-inch boards flat, parallel and 7 inches apart. Set two 14 inch sheets flat on top of them a right angle so as to space 44 inches apart. The outer edges of the 14-inch boards should be flush with the ends of the 51-inch discs. Then, screw the 14-inch boards to the 51-inch discs with four screws for each board, two screws on each end. Space the screws 1 ½ inches apart.

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Furthermore, drill two 1-inch hole through each 14-inch board and through each 51-inch board. The holes should be a ¾ inches away from the ends of each board and centered, a ¾ inches away from each edge. Place a tube in each hole These tubes will keep your wood on the grate. Stacking your firewood so the pieces are perpendicular to the 51-inch discs. Now you can use firewood holder.