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Pvc flange – Turn an unused alcove in your home an extra closet space using PVC pipe as a do-it – yourself project. Choose a curtain divider complementing the existing room’s decor. Inside the closet, use PVC pipe as a clothes rack to hang your clothes from the hangers. PVC is an ideal material to make a wardrobe because it is affordable, lightweight and easy to clean. This plan requires 1:48 – inch wide alcove and can be modified for your particular location.

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First, Measure also mark 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe at 48 inches using a tape measure and pencil. Cut 1 1/2 inch pipe in half the pencil mark with a radial arm saw. Then, Apply PVC primer to the ends of the two 48 inch pipes. And the inner edges of each pipe pvc flange with the included applicator. Apply PVC cement in the same way over the PVC primer. Slide a PVC pipe flange on each end of the 2:48 -inch pipe and pressure pipe flanges to the pipe ends. The cement binds the parts together immediately.  And Drive screws through the mounting holes in the pipe flanges at each end of the pipe in the wall with a screw gun to attach the device to the opening of the alcove.

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Next, Slide rule detector along the wall on each side of the inside of the alcove. Check the location of the stud closest to the center of the depth of the alcove of each wall using a pencil. Place the remaining pipe pvc flange assembly. So that the ends are aligned with the stud markings. Adjust the position of the tube so that it is level with the same procedure as you did in step 3. Fix the pipe flange to wall studs at each end in the same way as you did in step 4. A curtain sketching each slot in the curtain. And hang the curtain hooks over the tube device installed over the opening in the alcove

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