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Dresser drawer knobs – Changing knobs is one of the easiest ways to update the look of your agency. Most commercially available knobs are easy to install with only a screwdriver. If you are redecorating a room and are considering replacing an expensive agency because it no longer fits the decor. Save money by dressing up your existing furniture with one of the thousands of varieties of buds available to make your rooms new look instead.

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Remove the old steering wheel with the help of a screwdriver into the back of the steering wheel behind the dresser drawer knobs face to keep it still while you turn the knob counterclockwise. Insert the tip of the screw on the new steering wheel into the hole on the back of the drawer face so that the pointed end is facing you. Press until the screw head is flush with the back of the drawer face. Use a screwdriver to hold the screw still.

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Dresser Drawer Knobs PlanSize: 1000 x 1000

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Place the hole in the back of the new steering wheel over the tip of the screw. And turn clockwise until the knob firmly to the box. Repeat to replace all the knobs on dresser. Consider decorate dresser drawer knobs and pulls with paint. And also glue faux jewels, or cover the wheel or pull with poly clay.

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