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Undermount bathroom sink – are install under kitchen or bathroom cabinets instead of resting on top. This is desirable because the sink does not have a lip to catch food and debris from the disk that you wipe it down the sink. The gap between the sink and counter are seal with caulk. However, the new do-it-yourselfers have used grout instead of caulk to fill this gap. You can scrape out the joint and replace it with a sealant to a sink that is properly fit.

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First, to seal undermount bathroom sink, remove old joints with a grout scraper a tool with a claw shape that aims to pull out the old grout. Get as much grout as possible. You will not be able to remove it all. Holder loose grout off with a thin nylon brush. Insert the silicone caulk into a caulking gun. Cut the top and push a nail into his head to open the nozzle.

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Furthermore, use a continuous string of frequent where the undermount bathroom sink meets the counter. Insert seal as deeply into the crack as possible with the nose pointing at a 45-degree angle. Wet a finger and work in a tight crack. Smooth dense with wet fingers for a smooth finish. Rewet finger needed. To seal to cure according to the package instructions before using the sink.ags: