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Door knob parts – The doors usually consist of a table swinging, walking or sustained broken by hinges. They are use to divide spaces, close tickets, provide privacy and security, and help control the atmosphere of a space. The opening and closing doors helps exclude unwanted noise, elements natural, animals and people. The doors can also be elements aesthetic in homes and other buildings, often modify the environment or mood space locate behind the door. The doors have several parts with a respective name.

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In addition, the door knob parts panel is the door or table itself. The panel and the frame surrounding the entrance to create a space. Usually, the door swings open and close supported by hinges.  And also hinges allow the door to open and close. The door hinges are attach to the frame hinges with means of hinge pins. Remove the pins to remove the door frame.

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As a result, some door knob parts panels are solid. Others have windows, called lights or glazing that let in light and allows people to see through the door. Uprights are wood pieces that hold the glass windows on the panel. The stringers are vertical panel parts that are in the left or right side of the window, while the rails are two horizontal panel parts which are on and below the glass. Some front doors have locks, small openings through which a person can look from the inside to see who is on the other side. Finally, the locks are usually sight lines of one-way.

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