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Go to any decent hotel and find double curved shower rod. They have gone from being exclusive of hotels to become an economic piece home improvement facilities. Showering in a bathtub has always been a restrictive experience. However, now with use of curved shower rods have a greater sense of space. And shade cover will not be a problem.

Posted on December 15, 2017 Hardware

Double curved shower rod or crescent-shaped bars come in adjustable or fixed-length models. Installation is basically same, except that in case of fixed length bar, you must instructor to cut bar according to needs.  Install a curved shower rod is easy. You not have to drill more holes already had in shower bar above. If you do, installation is complicated and advantages of curved shower rod are minimized. Move out curved bar about 3 inches, will leave less space than before. Also, when moving out, as many might suggest, you will have to cover, caulk and paint above holes. In any case, we should avoid that situation.

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Using support of new double curved shower rod as a model, hold bracket on wall with top bracket hole on top or outermost mounting hole of previous bar. Making sure it is level, mark location of bottom hole of bracket on wall. Hook one end of curved shower rod in holder as indicated by manufacturer’s instructions. This may vary with manufacturer, but generally use a flexible hook of some sort to move over holes or use fixing elements bolted to grab bar to its support. Adjustable curved bar extends much as you need until it is correct length, then install second end of bar to wall bracket on other wall. Then install your shower curtain and cover ready!

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