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Stall shower curtains – If you want to give your cotton shower curtain an aged look or you want to hide mineral stains, dying tea offers a way to change the look of your bathroom. Use some kitchen items to do homework at home. Cotton dyed tea fabric for a better result than synthetic fabrics. Boil 18 cups water, 4 cups of water per yard of fabric in a large pot. Remove the pot from the heat. Add 36 black tea bags to the water. Steep at least 5 to 10 minutes more darker dye. Throw away tea bags after soaking.

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Saturate cotton stall shower curtains cold water in the sink while tea dye declines. Drain excess fresh water from the curtain. Dip the fabric into the pot, pushing the cotton into the tincture with a long spoon. Stir frequently fabric absorbing dye to ensure even color. Soak until the color you like.

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Furthermore, remove the stall shower curtains dyeing. Rinse with cool water until the water comes out clean. Mix two parts vinegar in a part of water. Add 2 tablespoons of salt. Soak the curtain in the fixative for about 20 minutes, stirring often to distribute the mixture evenly. Rinse with cold water. Wash them in gentle cycle detergent for delicate laundry of your washer. Then, hang to dry.

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