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Free Standing Tub – If you have decided on one of our solid surface bathtubs you will probably already know that it is a modern free-standing bath. That will give your bathroom decoration unmistakable aesthetic results, evoking a unique and sophisticated style. In addition, this corian bathtub stands out for its durability and high resistance. And it is precisely its solid surf until composed of a mixture of natural minerals and high-quality resins. That make it a mineral bathtub of easy maintenance, being very hygienic and environmentally friendly.

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So cleaning a solid surface free standing tub is much simpler than any other type of bath tub. One of the many advantages of the solid surface bath is that it is resistant to bacteria and fungi, and its smooth, non-porous surface. Makes cleaning so simple that with very little effort you can keep it as it is the first day. For regular cleaning of this type of bath we recommend to pass on the surface a damp sponge with a touch of liquid soap. This will be enough to keep your bath exempt minimalist properly clean.

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For this, your best option will be the natural cleaners. These are able to disinfect and clean effectively without causing damage to your free standing tub material. The most important thing is to avoid using abrasive chemicals. An infallible and safe combination for cleaning your solid surface bath is vinegar and lemon.

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