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Pop up drain – Keep grass in good condition is very easy. Follow these simple steps to make your lawn look good throughout year; visit our branches Freund for tools and materials before this project. First step in installing an irrigation system is to check if there is a suitable slide valve in your garden. Valve separates water spray system water in house. You can close sprinkler system when needed.

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Then, pop up drain with a normal pressure of 40lb can cover up to 5 mt., And up to 360 ° radio. A valve can operate to enable maximum 3 suppliers, this pressure as a recommendation. You have to identify what type of area is, if you have walls or if it is a completely free area to select right supplier 45 °, 90 ° or 360 °. Draw a plan of how you want installation according to space available. Then perform excavations by plane is where PVC pipe is place. Maximum depth that can be place is 15 cm take precaution suppliers pop-up not being fully service. Spout outlet to surface should be 1/2 “.

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When pop up drain are ready-made excavation can begin cutting pvc sections necessary for suppliers to be placed, use a saw frame for cutting pipe. A pipe cutter is easier to use and can make a precise cut; pvc pipe cut will join with accessory “T” and a male adapter for each wick where you plan to place a pump is placed; all measured and cuts can begin to glue sections of irrigation system. When installing suppliers apply Teflon tape to prevent leakage. To attach accessories, male adapters, joints, adapter “T” and use glue for PVC elbows. Allow 24 hours for glue to dry pipe before testing system.

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