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As the name suggests, sink strainer basket helps tension. Foreign material such as hair, debris and food scraps. This is often overlook but is actually really helpful in prevent sink drain from getting glogg. To install the sink strainer, you must follow the five easy steps below. You also need a paper towel or cloth. Plumber’s putty or silicone caulk, sink cleaning solution, needle-nose pliers, and channel-lock pliers.

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Clear sink strainer basket and the sink hole by spraying. Some clean solution and wipe the basin dry with a cloth or paper towel. This step is necessary to get rid of old. Crack plumbers putty or other residue that might prevent a new filter sink flange to sit correctly.

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Apply some plumbers putty or silicone caulking bead ring to a rim size of sink holes. Carefully adjusting ring to the edge of the hole sink strainer basket and attach the two parts by applying gentle pressure. Remove excess putty or caulking with your finger. Put a metal basket strainer in the hole and press around the edges to seal to the silicone caulking or putty plumber. There may be some excess silicone or putty between the hole and the rod strainer basket. You can clean off with your fingers, cloth, or a putty knife.


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