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The Electric lantern is also known as bug zappers. Is a tool that use an electric current to kill insects? All electrical fly traps have the same basic design where square-shape lantern box or sometimes contain light bulbs to attract insects, and houses the transformer and electric double layer metal wire mesh. Bugs flying through space in the mesh and complementary circuits on contact, the bug are “stimulating” and immediately killed.

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There was an electric fly traps that can be use both inside and outside. But it is important that you choose the right bug zapper for your purposes. Outdoor models should not be use indoors, because it could prove dangerous. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to use electric lantern.

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Electric lantern is left a mess minimal, unlike other types of flies and insect elimination. Bug spray, for example, leaving the bug carcasses laying around your house and release chemicals into the air. While this is considered safe when used properly, you may not want to expose your family to these chemicals. Fly strip is another alternative to bug zappers, but this is unsightly, and no one wants to touch the strip to dispose of dead bugs stuck to the tape.

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