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Pineapple door knocker – Door knockers is one of the first decorative features people see when visit your house. There are many styles of door knockers. Why it has created a wide range of door knocker’s designs? Door teats were originally designed to be functional. But over time has become an ornamental and decorative. Many people choose to fit door knockers on their modern home.

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If people have had to picture what a door knocker would look to the classic brass knocker, may be its distinctive shape and sound when knocked it really makes a statement about you and your house. There is nothing more decorative function to the entrance door than the classic old-fashioned door knocker. Especially if it uses a lock and handle. That possesses certaindignityand elegance. And when the pineapple door knocker is made of polished brass, it creates an attractive effect against dark doors.

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When you see the description of oiled bronze door knockers, it means that it comes with a protective coating and as a consequence of oiled bronze knocker appearance will remain the same as the first day you bought it. You can also find bronze door knockers take the form of pineapple door knocker. There are a number of door knockers that fits most style, taste and homes that are readily available to buy online. One style of them is pineapple door knocker.