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Fireplace mantel shelves come in many different styles. And can be an attractive accent to one of the most classic of nodes, home fireplace. Design your own mantel shelf to fit your particular fireplace is an excellent way to ensure that you have an attractive. And then, convenient way to display objects. And also pictures in your home to suit your decor and fireplace style. The most significant part of any mantel shelf is the front wall. Which also is the most customizable part of every shelf design project.

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Traditional mantels is a single fireplace mantel shelves. Which runs over the top of a fireplace and also do not extend far beyond the fireplace opening on both sides. Modernization of Traditional mantels by extending them. Beyond the outer edges of the open fireplace. It create a larger space to display decorative pieces. And then transforms the entire wall to a focal point.

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In this scenario, you may Center fireplace downstairs shelf. Or start the shelf at one end of the opening, pass over the fire. And stop at the next adjacent wall. This design concept puts a little twist in the room’s decor. And makes it possible to tie in other nearby fireplace features such as a fireplace or wood caddy crevice. And dedicate this section of the wall to the fireplace mantel shelves features.

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