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Expandable round table is a decline of the old wooden table stretcher. Which use to serve the dining room of a multitude of homes a few years ago. That old model evolve in the 70’s. And expanded its possibilities becoming an extensible table to increase the number of guests. The mechanism was simple. The surface of the table was divided into two halves which. When moving sideways, generate a hole to which another hidden board was incorporate from the niche

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We do not know whether intentionally or by disuse. We see a expandable round table with a vertical frame ramified in four legs. Which supports the main board and whose diameter opens to the sides to pull out of a small niche an extra body that gives more surface to the table. Matching chairs speak of the passage of time.

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We are talking now not of a 12-table bell. Perhaps we skipped the criterion of expandable round table. But we could not fail to show this original composition of 12 tables arrange so that. They simulate a trapezoid completely futuristic geometric figure. The round part, although not exactly, is the central hollow. And then extension are the chairs that are couple one after the other. It is the functional alternative to modular tables. With many options for administrative use , domestic and also catering.

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