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Rainfall shower head as a space distributor element. Are you fascinate by idea of ​​a warm rain shower? And also dream of a sensual experience under a summer rain with push of a button? It is normal. Because a shower experience of this type transports us daily to memory of a tropical vacation. In bathroom of your dreams. Rain shower melts harmoniously in an environment. In which natural elements and transparency stand out. An orderly and fluid architecture offers visual breadth and comfort.

Posted on October 25, 2017 shower

Personal fascinating rainfall shower head can be install on ceiling or wall. Likewise, plants and contact with nature create a well-being environment that is complement by a comfortable seat. A bath like this can be done. For example, with Hansgrohe’s Rainmaker Select. Fix shower head stands out at first glance for its reduce design and also straight lines. Becoming central element space. For bathroom remodeling, Rainmaker Select Showerpipe offers greater comfort. Solution with ShowerTablet Select 700 shower thermostat allows you to easily use your existing water intakes.

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Rainfall Shower HeadSize: 860 x 1118

Bright aesthetics of fascinating rainfall shower head maker select melts harmoniously in environment. High quality crystal and also chrome finishes highlight natural character of bathroom. And then combine visually with elements of environment such as glass. And also ceramic or mirror.

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