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Striped shower curtain – it causes the visual effect of increasing the ceiling height. And usually gives poise to the room. The fact is that their orientation horizontally causes a more original effect and striking. It can be continue for several walls and a feeling if we use quiet pastel. And especially in the range of blue and sand, they are like the horizon, the sea, etc.

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Place traditional striped shower curtain side by using horizontal stripes. Color block three or four wide, or choose a fabric with stripes smaller solid fabrics, exceeded – which means that the band runs from side to side rather than the length of the fabric. Smooth striped pleated cup or bell, or keep them crisp as with cash or inverted box pleats. Or complements horizontal stripes. Hang curtains or wooden rods and choose single metal bar that draws curtains cable or rod, such as using clamps interruptions lines.

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Also you can try to use two tones or more. Choosing harmonious color or contrasting, bright or pastel, and even a touch of sophistication with a golden or metallic stripe. Finally, we can make optical games streak continuing with striped shower curtain. Placing only the horizontal line at the top of the walls as a valance. Both if you use the horizontal line and vertical. Especially in bright colors, are advised not decorate the wall with many paintings or other decorative elements. Because this effect is already powerful enough. You can use at most one or two pictures in black or neutral tones and white.

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