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Fire wood holder – A common practice for people with recreational fireplace is to purchase a face cord of wood. And then use it over next few years. Be careful when storing firewood. But since there are bugs and other conditions that may affect your home if you store your firewood in wrong way or at wrong place.

Posted on October 8, 2017 Hardware

There are no hard and fast rule that outlines exactly how long firewood can be store outside. But if it is properly protected from elements. It could last a year or longer. A metal fire wood holder is an ideal storage space for firewood. Because it keeps wood from ground. And it allows wood is cover and protect from elements. Fresh cut firewood last much longer, but before you can use it, you need to dry it out by letting it sit outside for several months.

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Fire wood holder units usually come as a U-shaped wagon or metal outline of a box. These devices allow easy access to fire and keep it away from ground so that wood lasts longer. They can come with a cover, or you can do a cover with an all-weather tarp. Stacking your firewood on ground away from house is a sure way to accelerate rotting process and it also allows insects to attack tree much easier. Use proper firewood storage equipment and you will be able to enjoy your burn for a long time.