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Resin wicker chairs – Resin wicker is ideal outdoor furniture, because completely weatherproof and offer attractive style and durability at half the price of wicker. An alternative to throwing these chairs require only buy a tube of paintable epoxy resin from hardware stores. This type of epoxy is sold as a two component kit of resin and a hardener or in a pipe so that the mixing becomes unnecessary.

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Instructions to fix resin wicker chairs: First, put a drop cloth under and around your resin Merge chair. Make certain you have adequate ventilation in the room or working outside. Clean your resin Merge chair with an all-purpose cleaning spray, with a focus on the area in need of repair. Second, squeeze out and apply epoxy to the seam, broken section or crack in the chair.

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Work epoxy into the seam or crack using a flat scraper. When working with epoxy, make certain you make a smooth surface. Remove excess epoxy with a squeegee. Fourth, create a wicker-like texture smooth epoxy surface, you have made by putting an extra amount of epoxy. Adding a small amount. With a pointed tool like an all, use the optional epoxy to make it appear like the rest of the wicker chair as much as possible and let it dry. Spray paint the repaired resin wicker chairs area using paint Matches resin Merge chair.

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