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Wall mount bathtub faucet – One dealt with bathroom faucets do not have washers that you find in other types of cranes. Instead, they rely on O disks, cylinders, and seal the inlet for operation. They develop leaks less often than the old compression faucets and are easy to repair. Ball and cartridge faucets leak is usually cause by worn O-rings or other parts.

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Turn off the water by turning the water tap all the way to the right hand (usually under the sink, or turn off the main line). And remove the wall mount bathtub faucet handle, using a wrench.  Also lift the handle away with his hands. Remove the adjustment ring and the lid found directly below the handle. Use pliers if necessary.

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Remove the cam, cam washer and rotating ball with your fingers. These fit directly under the spout. Also remove inlet seals and springs with needle-nose pliers. And also cut the O-rings with a dull knife. These are locate directly at the base of the faucet. Install new O-rings are in place with your fingers. Assemble wall mount bathtub faucet tap in the reverse order you used to take it apart. When you go, inspect each piece. If a part seems worn, replace it.

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