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Folding lounge chair can protect your chair while a convenient way to dry on the beach. If you are looking for beach towels, know how much space you want to cover. Look for towel that is somewhat unpredictable, as they are more likely to stay in place. You should also decide whether you want a bag for personal items or monogram. Read the label to see what kind of fabric is make of sun lounger towel, and remember that a combination of absorbent cotton terry and will not retain water yet.

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Measure the back and seat of the chair you want to cover. Measure with your folding lounge chair back in a straight up position. In these two numbers together to get the total length of the seat. Write this number down so you can look for armchair towels long enough to cover his chair.

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Some folding lounge chair can have a short hood at one end of them. These hoods are designed to slide over a seat back to help keep it in place. Make sure the seam is tight around this part so that the towels will not rip when you transfer your lounger.  Folding lounge chair covers can be simple or elaborate. Look at the different features that are available for those who want to find your own taste and budget.