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Drop in bathtubs – Whether indoor or outdoor, Jacuzzi tub will provide fun and relaxation for family members, guests and friends. A “drop-in” tub is typically a prefabricate ship construct by manufacturer. Design Selection is significant and includes number of nozzles, shape and materials.

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Drop in bathtubs come in different forms. Choose a character that will accentuate type of mood and aesthetic you want to create. For example, a circular Jacuzzi tub is playful and entertaining more than one person. A rectangular tub can set tone to use hot tub for therapeutic purposes. A corner design can be use to maximize space of room. Form of outdoor hot tub can be circular or square and chose to incorporate an area of garden and design of landscape.

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Cool Drop In BathtubsSize: 800 x 532

Oval Drop In BathtubsSize: 1280 x 1707

Narrow Drop In BathtubsSize: 818 x 1225

Drop In Bathtubs StyleSize: 1280 x 1707

Drop In Bathtubs SpaSize: 1067 x 800

Drop In Bathtubs SmallSize: 900 x 1296

Drop In Bathtubs ShapesSize: 1270 x 522

Drop In Bathtubs DesignsSize: 1400 x 1400

Drop In Bathtubs CornerSize: 1400 x 1400

Deep Drop In BathtubsSize: 1848 x 1232

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If tub is raised or elevated above floor, you will have many creative options to make base unique. For example, a base for drop-in a circular tub can is make form of a square to add contrast. Base of walls also provides design options. Walls can be paint, tile or cover with wood. Some modern drop in bathtubs has a finish exterior, or make from clear acrylic, so tub. These tubs require only one floor base so that vessel can stand alone as a piece of furniture and also be appreciated for its design and artistic value.

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