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Glass shower shelves – The bathroom requires often special considerations when it comes to storage space. Therefore, we are quite fond of making built-in shelves. It works for really good to utilize the space in the room as effectively as possible. And so give it some extra options for storage space in the bathroom, where it is not always to control which areas can be kept dry. Therefore, small shelves in the wall good for storing both towels, grooming and decorative objects.

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You face a renovation of your bathroom; it might a good idea to take it into consideration and planning of the layout. If you do not have the opportunity to take a bite out of the wall. And a corner glass shower shelves also be a good bet for a simple shelf. In the modern and minimalist decorated bathroom is the hole in the wall used for decoration with a glass shower shelves.

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Built-in glass shower shelves are perfect for the shower where you can store shampoo and soap. There are too many boring shelves for showers on the market. While a built-in shelf gives the bathroom a more stylish and simple touch. So there is more shelf space for toilet paper, towels and other necessary things. The wall protects the shelves towards the water from the shower, and it’s all within easy reach, as soon as you step out of the bath.

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