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Rustic medicine cabinet tends to see it over time, especially from incurring rust and scratches. Before you drag it to the recycling center or throw it on the curb, consider giving it a second life. Finding new ideas to turn your old medicine cabinet into something useful for your home. Luckily ratty medical case in a new wall safe that remains hidden in the wall. Find an old frame that is the same size as the cabinet and preferably slightly larger.

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Using the picture inside the frame or place a poster of your favorite actor or family photo inside the frame. Attach the frame directly to the front of the cabinet. If you have a wooden cupboard, then use wood glue or small screws for a tight fit. Use strong glue to attach the frame to a metal cabinet. Cut directly into a wall in your home and keep the rustic medicine cabinet in the hole. When the frame is closed, remains your items hidden. The frame quickly pulls away to reveal the hidden items.

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Make rustic medicine cabinet a new message center for your home. Cover the front and back of the door with chalkboard paint and add a wooden frame on the front. Use an old wooden picture frame for a charming look. Adding a new latch or handle to the door and glue a small piece of cork on the inside of the cabinet door. Then, paint the inside of the original paint damaged. Use cabinet to store keys, extra pencils, chalk and other things needed around the house.

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