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Wrought iron fireplace screens provide protection, a timeless charm and a stylish design feature that makes them an excellent choice for any home.  The fireplace screen is a security tool that does not allow for the sparks flying out of the fireplace. Or curious children place their hands inside the furnace. Contemporary fireplace screens often made of wrought iron and polished to give the screen a solid. Simple look, while many other types of displays have elaborate decorations and patterns built into the outside of the screen.

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The logs in wrought iron fireplace screens kept on top of a metal horizontal table called andirons. The andirons are usually a table with two. Or three bars with spaces between them raised above the bottom of the cooker of an inch. The inch height is enough to let the ashes fall from the logs so the fire can continue without smoldered and die. In modern design, perhaps the andiron has curved ends or an artistic design at the ends.

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The tang of wrought iron fireplace screens is long pieces of metal that has two handles. The tongs used to place new logs on an already burning fire. And then turn or move logs that are already burning. The tongues used as a security measure to ensure the logs stay on the andirons, while using poker can cause stocks to fall off. The tabs also used to ensure the careful placement of the logs. So sparks are not scattered when a new log is put on the fire.

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