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Granite bathroom vanity – There are several reasons you might consider using leftover granite for improvement. It may be that you have recently been renovate a kitchen or bath and have leftover pieces. Or you may have a small project in mind that does not justify a full slab of granite. Whatever the reason, using leftover granite can save a lot of money, but it is not without its own risks. Always make sure you have enough granite to complete the entire project, because you could not find a close match to the granite again.

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Granite bathroom vanity is a popular option for leftover granite kitchen remodels. It is easy to tie a home together when matching bathroom vanity counter. Remnant granite can also be purchase for the sole purpose of remodeling a bath. Stone counter tops from granite and marble are very durable because they are made of stainless steel. Granite does not stain, whereas stainless steel tile and vanities are more susceptible to damage.

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Marble, quartz and granite bathroom vanity countertops offer a classic, clean look. Tile countertops are often difficult to manage when they are collect residues in their cracks. When cleaning it, you should take care to avoid acid-based cleaning products, because the acid can wear away at your commode polished stone surface.