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Granite composite sink today has become very popular in kitchen remodels home as well as in new houses. They were built for a sleek, stylish look and durability. Many people are confuse about how to properly clean and care for granite composite sink. Complain that there is a constant, white mist on the surface.

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Before understand how to properly clean granite composite sink is important. For you to understand that the granite composite sink is usually made of a mixture of granite and resin. Because all natural stone is rather porous, it will absorb the remain liquid to sit on it. This brings me to the most important step in the right clean granite composite sink: always remove the sink after each use.

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This seems a hassle, but if you just remove the remaining water and dry the sink, you will save hard water and soap scum from building and left a white haze or “stain.” If you have hard water and allow it to sit on the surface, it can create mineral stains that are very difficult to remove. It is also important to immediately wash any food or liquids that could potentially tarnish granite composite sink, or acidic. For example, if you poured red wine in vain, make sure all drops wash.


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