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Hose holder allows you to wrap your garden hoses safely and neatly. The holders can also just roll the amount of tubing you need. Hose holder comes with a main mounting plate holding the hose reel. When mounting a tube holder of brick, it is necessary to use large anchor sleeve. Sleeve anchors expand when you tighten them to provide a secure attachment.  Sleeve anchors are home-improvement centers.

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Then, place the hose holder mounting plate against the wall where you want to install it. Ask a friend to hold it in place. Mark the plate mounting hole in the brick wall with a pencil. Then, remove the hose holder and place it out of the way. Install the sleeve anchors into the hose holder mounting plate. The headless screw has a solid flared end. Insert the threaded end of the bolt in the end of the sleeve which is perforated. The flared end will spread out the perforated end of the sleeve.

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Garden Hose HoldersSize: 900 x 833

Best Hose HoldersSize: 960 x 960

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Insert the threaded end of the bolt through the back of the mounting holes on the hose holder plate. The sleeves will be on the back of the mounting plate. Slide flat washer over the end of the threads on the front of the mounting plate. And then screw nut on the threads. And also do not tighten the bolt slightly as this causes the sleeve to expand.